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Speedup Drupal 6 ... turn off Update Status

It turns out that the Update module that comes with Drupal runs some pretty hefty queries. While trying to debug a crazy mysql error we were seeing on one of the sites I work on ( it occured to me that there is no reason why we should have the update module enabled on our production site at all.

Turning it off on production (while leaving it on on staging) gave the site a nice litte pick-me-up especially after clearing the cache.

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Debugging Memory Problems During Cron Run

Recently my cron stopped running completely and when I would manually visit I'd get a message like this:

Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 71 bytes) in ...

So how do I debug this? I went to then added a bit of code to module_invoke_all();

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Customizing Drupal Forms: What I just learned

I've been working on a project that required some pretty heavy-duty customizations to how the user registration form looks and while getting everything to work I learned a few things that have changed the way I look at customizing forms in Drupal. Here is a quick summary of what I already new, and what I know now.

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