Maintaining different settings on different environments with Drush

On nearly every site I have ever worked on there has been one or two settings that I wanted set differently on dev as compared to prod. Of course I could just set the settings locally, however every time I would bring the production database down those settings would be overridden. For example I always want to have the devel module enabled locallay to —ya know— help me devel, but I amost never want it enabled on production. To solve this problem I've written a simple Drush command called "environmnet." Here's how it works…

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Drush is my friend

Drush (Drupal + Shell) is a set of scripts that lets you control your Drupal site directly from the command line. Without every touching your mouse you can clear the cache, do an SQL Dump ,and even download and enable modules directly from drupal.org. 

Since inserting Drush into my workflow I've saved hours of downloading modules and adding them into my svn repositories (drush dl); grabbing top-level information about my sites (drush st); and even running some quick code snippits (drush eval).

Sooo good.

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