CSS Pseudo Classes

CSS3 has been floating around out there for a while but it still hasn't gotten a foothold - which is unfortunate. One feature that will change the way you think about your CSS is support for massively more-powerful pseudo-classes. Currently we stylers are limited to :hover and in most cases :first-child & :last-childIf you regularly use jQuery or at least look through the docs you know that there are some other pretty powerful options that would make some of CSS sweater.

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CSS Sprites

CSS sprites have been around just about as long as CSS has been around - they just haven't been called that. And recently they have matured into a more viable technique that can help speed up your site. So let's begin at the beginning... To explain CSS sprites I'm going to ask you to imagine a typical horizontal navbar...

Now imagine that when a user rolls over a nav item the background changes color. Simple, right? Just create one class for the normal state with one background image and one class for the hover state with another...

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Rounded rectangles with a non-repeating background

One problem I have come across on several occasions is creating a fixed-width rounded rectangle that, in addition to its rounded-ness, has a non-repeating backgrund image. Here is an example of what I'm talking about:


So lets start with the rounded rectangle part.  This is the typical html that I might use:

<div class="rect_wrap">

  <div class="rect_top"></div>

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