Smarter Image Cropping - Focal Point

Automatically scaling and cropping images can save you tons of time when you are uploading images to your site. The problem is that, by default, Drupal gives you very limited control over what to crop:

The problem is that you can only choose one anchor point for all images that use that image style but one size does not usually fit all. The Focal Point module solves this problem by allowing content creaters to select the exact anchor point to use when cropping on an image-by-image basis. As long as the image is displayed using one of the image styles provided by then the image will be cropped correctly every time. 

In this example, the draggable "focal point indicator" is circled in yellow to make it easier to see. 

Aquick note about responsive images: some of the other cropping solutions out there are problematic because they do not garuntee aspect ratio. This is crucial for most responsive image techniques so the Focal Point module makes sure that the desired aspect ratio is always used.